Back and Forth…

It been a long time since I’ve posted something, life has been eventful especially with music, concerts, hanging out with cool people, collaborations and of course the 40 years of Hip Hop that will have its own special post.

I went to see the amazing Chic and Nile Rodgers for the first time, it was Funktastic, amazing the amount of tunes that this gentleman has written, from Madonna to Duran Duran to name a couple. Then I was off to Portugal for my family break and thanks to my lovely sister, I had the pleasure to see the amazing Jurassic 5 and what a concert! It was fantastic the way they converted some of the people with their messages of hope, freedom and above all, their positive vibes. Then back to London to join Consuela from Unifunk and hang out with one of the most friendliest dudes in the industry Amani K. Smith. It was a week of good fun, from record shopping, radio shows and to finish it big a Public Enemy concert, as you can deduce I have been doing a few things!

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